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Published on February 8th, 2014 | by Grinds4Gamers


The Daily Grind #4

Eating clean is a struggle. There are temptations everywhere. American culture pushes me

toward eating dirty. Advertising pushes me toward eating dirty. Aromas pumped out of burger

joints and bakeries push me toward eating dirty. Convenience makes me think twice about

preparing a clean meal. For heaven’s sake, my own cravings try to drag me toward crushing a

large pizza with sausage and jalapeños….And that’s on my best days.

Either way you slice it, you will fight with yourself to stay on track with your new lifestyle. But

here is a glaring example of the benefit of eating clean.

Today I was enrolled in an Emergency Management class hosted by FEMA. Without knocking

you out cold with boring details, I’ll cut to the chase. The class was boring as hell. I just couldn’t

get into it. Dry lecture, redundant content, rinse repeat. I figured there was no way I would

make it past Noon without nodding off, especially since I had worked a 24-hour shift the day

before. So I wisely chose to fuel my body with clean grinds in hopes of beating the after lunch

head-bobs. So I came up with a plan of action.

I had a light early morning workout before class, just to get some blood moving. I didn’t have

much time to prepare, so I went to the store and bought a cup of coffee, 2 liters of water,

organic fruit & protein shake, 2 Gluten Free Lara Bars and a medium container of pre-cut celery

and carrots. It was simple, nothing fancy. Just enough to get me through lunch. I had my

proteins, carbs and a bit of fat. I pecked at them all morning and saved the heavier stuff for my

lunch break.

Lunch came and went. Once class resumed, it wasn’t long before I started to notice other

folks in class with the post-lunch head bounce. I could only imagine what they had for lunch–

A burger, a burrito, a bagel with eggs and cheese, whatever. But I could imagine that they had

enough bad-source carbs in their gut that their insulin was spiking from the excess sugar flowing

through their veins. Me? I was good to go. No head-bobs, no droopy eyes, no hunger. I was

energetic from the pure fuel sources I had fed my body. Boom. Win.

This is just one example of the benefits of eating clean. It took me 10 minutes in the store to

find and purchase snacks to get me through the day. It’s all about knowing what you need

and making it happen for yourself! Put in the effort. I promise you, COMMIT, and you will see


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