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Sick of reading? Watch these Videos!

Are you sick of reading my articles by now?  Fine then!  Here are some videos I’ve compiled from YouTube that will help open your eyes a bit to exactly what EATING PRIMAL means.  I’ve thought about putting my own videos together on this same subject, but why recreate the wheel when someone’s already done it…..So check these out, they are short, but powerful.  Eating primal really gets us back to our roots as humans and removes the processed foods most of America consumes.  I know that I may come off as one-sided, but that’s because I am one-sided.  I’ve tried the other theories.  I’m sure many of YOU have tried the other theories.  Most of them just don’t work for me.  Look, follow Paleo, follow The Zone, follow Vegan, whatever……Just follow something that stays away from processed crap.  One thing you will hear me say over and over is that consistency is the key.  It REALLY is!  It’s kind of like a PvP match in your favorite MMO.  You may score a few kills here and there, but in order to truly become a juggernaut on the battle ground, you have to practice your craft.  It’s no different with your lifestyle, activity level and the foods you eat.  You reap the benefits of your contributions.





GOING FOR THE ZONE DIET?  This short explanation of Dr. Barry Sear’s Zone Diet summarizes the theory behind the food plan.  Definitely worth watching!


WHY DO DIET SODAS MAKE PEOPLE FAT?  Listen to Dr. Barry Sears talk about how the chemicals in diet sodas trick your brain into thinking you’re more hungry than you really are!

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