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Published on April 8th, 2014 | by Grinds4Gamers


Primal, but stopped losing?

[title size=”2″]WHY DID I STOP LOSING WEIGHT?[/title]


Once you’ve jumped into the paleolithic lifestyle, you’ll probably feel like you’ve found the food intake program you’ve been waiting for all your life.  Tons of great food, never going hungry, getting to try numerous recipes and experimenting on your own- All while you’re losing LOTS of weight.  For example, in the current G4G 60-Day Challenge, we have competitors that have lost upwards of 12 lbs in just one week of eating clean.  Amazing! However, at some point, your weight loss will slow down.  Even some of you that still have plenty of weight to lose will seem like your weight loss has plateaued.  Frustrating?  Well, it can be. It is important to remember that weight loss on Paleo does not follow a straight line.  There will be peaks, valleys and plateaus along your journey.  But there can also be substantial reasons for the halt and these reasons can be very widespread.  Here’s a list I’ve compiled to help you narrow down what might be stalling your progress.


I know, I know.  You think you’ve got the hang of this at this point, right? Well, take a good look at your plate.  Does it look like the plates I’ve outlined HERE?  If it doesn’t, give yourself a virtual slap in the face.  I’ve mentioned it until blue in the face! Get your plate right!


Are you stuffed after every meal? Try lowering your portions to where you are just satiated, not full to the gills.  You can always eat more later when you get hungry.  Most of you know that eating clean does make you hungry more often.  The reason for this is that your body burns through pure fuels much, much better than process foods like breads and pastas.  Faster fuel burning means your body is not storing the excess.  Thus, weight loss.  But if you’re eating too many calories (being stuffed every meal), taper it down a bit.


Where weight loss is a factor, taper down your fats and fruits.  That being said, you need a bit of each, maybe just not that much.  If you’re having a handful of nuts each meal, cut it down to half the amount.  If you’re having three pieces of fruit every day, cut it down to one.  Remember, these rules apply to only those who are trying to LOSE weight.


Believe it or not, stress can jack up your weight loss.  Why?  Stress causes the body to produce cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone that catabolizes muscle, worsens insulin resistance, and actually promotes the storage of fat.  What can help with stress levels? Well, aside from the obvious answer of removing yourself from stressful situations, you need to MOVE BLOOD.  What does that mean?  Get active, find a sport, go for a walk, jog, run, sprint, lift, swim, row, bike – Whatever it takes to start circulating blood at a faster pace.  Burn off some steam!  Many of our competitors haven’t taken the plunge into fitness just yet.  Remember, you’re not only training your mind, you should also be training your body.  Your results will skyrocket.  It’s that simple.  Find the G4G Workout Program HERE.

The one thing about taking your food intake back down to basics is that even with minimal training, your new lifestyle is promoting muscle growth and stronger bone density.  That means you’re going to gain a bit of weight because muscle and bone weigh more than fat.  It is completely normal.  So don’t be a slave to that bathroom scale.  It’s not telling you the whole story.  If you’re doing this right, you probably feel great.  That is a big indicator that it’s working!  Also, you are most likely losing inches, not just weight.  The best way to measure true results is to do a body mass index test which would include a body dip test to get truly accurate numbers.  Just don’t call yourself a failure because you’re gaining a bit of weight or your weight loss has slowed.  Remember: Peaks, valleys, plateaus.
Your body is an amazing machine.  It will taper down your weight loss when you’ve reached a healthy enough weight for your body size and type.  Well, maybe you haven’t quite reached your ideal stature or you don’t quite look how you want to look.  What’s the next step to get you through this wobbly stage?  FITNESS! Once you commit to taking the next steps in your overall health and wellness, you’ll push through the nearly effortless diet-driven weight loss and reach the next level of bodily improvement.  This level, however, may hurt.  Especially if you’re doing it the G4G way and diving into one of our Noob, Casual or L33t levels of fitness.  We’re gonna make you work for it, but it will be worth it, trust me.
So you’re one of our followers who is doing everything right with your food intake and you ARE working out, but you’ve tapered off in your weight loss.  Simple fix.  ADD INTENSITY to your workouts.  If you’re following the G4G workout program, adding intensity is easy.  Just do the workouts faster.  Instant added intensity.  Doing things like adding sprints to the end of a workout, doing 5 more burpees as fast as you can when you’re just about ready to drop from fatigue, etc will help you break through that barrier of mental toughness that Kash talks about all the time.  Push yourself.  Suck it up, Buttercup.  It will net you results.
My friends,  I can educate and motivate you towards a better way of life.  I can teach you on paper how to succeed.  But I cannot force your hand.  The bottom line is, you could be BS’ing me with what your weight loss actually is during the middle weeks of your challenge.  The only person who knows if you are actually following the recommended program IS YOU.  If you’re bullshitting yourself, then I can’t help you.  Look, one cheat here or there is not going to be a deal breaker, but if you are consistently loafing your way through the challenge, its on you.  I’ve given you the tools, you need to pick them up, learn how they will work for you and actually use them.  That’s all I’ll say about this one!
Maybe you’ve found that one of these points resonates with you.  Give it a try!  Fix it!  You will see that once you have the basics down, little course corrections here and there can make a big difference in the long run.  After 4 years of eating clean and training dirty, I’m still experimenting and making tweaks to my intake and my fitness.  Things will change as you reach the next step in your fitness, as you age and as you recover from nagging injuries.  Just roll with the changes and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  As long as you are pushing toward a better end-game, G4G will support you 100%.

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