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How do I do this?


One of the most difficult feats of my life has been transitioning my lifestyle from an ordinary American to a fit, healthy American.

Two things there:  Notice I said “ordinary American”.  Yes, I fully believe that most of America just “wings it” each day when it comes to food and fitness choices.  They have become a secondary consideration in the jumbled mess of every day American life.  It’s quite tragic when you think about it.  A vast majority of our friends and family consume bulk (and gain bulk) so they can make it to the next step of their day.  They don’t consider the benefits (or lack thereof) of what they are consuming.  I venture to teach you the importance of FUELING your body.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Notice I also said “lifestyle”, not “diet”.  If you intend to adopt some or all of the rhetoric in these articles, do one thing for yourself.  Don’t refer to the way you eat as a “diet”.  A “diet” has such a stigma attached to it in our culture and it just shouts FAILURE.  How many people do you know personally who have tried X-name diet for a month?  When you stick to them, they can, indeed work.  But most people consider a diet a temporary thing to lose a few extra pounds.  The reality is, they usually end up losing a few pounds, but gaining them back plus more in the long run when they return to their normal dietary intake.  So in this life-long quest, I endeavor to teach you a new LIFESTYLE.  One where you learn to eat clean and fuel your body every day, forever.  When you adopt this way of life, you may get a craving here and there for sinful foods, but your body will long for those healthy foods even more!  Your body will also reward you for your efforts in the form of increased daily performance and a major boost in your aesthetic value!

That’s super Kash, but seriously, how the hell do I get started?

Eat a healthy diet, don't be on one.
Eat a healthy diet, don’t be on one.

First off, read my Grinds 4 Gamers Article series.  Here, I break down the basics of what you should be eating and why.  It’s a bit of science and a boat-load of practicality.  It serves as a great foundation of “why” you should (and CAN) do this!

I’m going to throw out some terms to you here and try to explain them as simply as possible.  Not because I think you’re simple people, but rather than filling your mind with a bunch of industry jargon and science, I’m simply going to tell you what works.  If you want the sleep-inducing scientific facts, I can answer your questions via email or a chat.  By the way, I’m no genius – a good amount of the time I am referencing my resources as well so I don’t feed you a line of B.S.  I want you to know HOW to do this and WHY you should.  So let’s roll.

The Theory of Portioning

Have you ever been to that restaurant that presents you with a giant plate of food?  Super-size your fries, anyone?  Have you ever been told to “clean your plate”?  Awful!  Not only is the world trying to fill your face with unhealthy food, they want you to eat a metric crap-ton of it.   Your body just doesn’t work that way.  Think of your stomach as a small bowl.  If you were to pour a liquid into the bowl, eventually you would fill up the bowl and some fluid would spill out.  Your body considers intake in the same manner.  Your machine only operates on a certain amount of food.  The rest gets stored as fat.  It is as simple as that.  So remember when it comes to portioning, your body can only absorb a certain amount.  Excess = Storage.  So let’s learn to portion correctly.

Look at the palm of your hand.  Note the size and thickness.  That is a portion.  Here is a simple guide for you to follow in regards to what you should be eating with a single meal.  It’s seriously so simple you’re going to flip out.

It's as simple as this, folks.
It’s as simple as this, folks.

Look at the picture.  That’s it in a nutshell.  But what does each slice of the pie mean?  Read on…

Each meal, your body needs the following:

CARBOHYDRATES: Vegetables, lots of vegetables.  By vegetables I mean stuff like: squash, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels, leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, etc.  Just remember you want your plate as colorful as possible!  No bland colors!

PROTEINS:  Lean meats from cows, chickens, pigs, fish, eggs, lamb or wild game meats.

FATS:  Oils (Coconut, Olive, Avocado), Nuts & seeds or nut butter (Almond is best), avocados, grass-fed cow butter, uncured bacon.  Now, these are missing from my fancy picture.  But add them in!  Fats are incredibly important!  You can also use the oils in the preparation of your foods, so they are still there!

Your body DOES NOT NEED: Grains, pastas, breads, legumes, corn, peanut butter, vegetable oils, fried foods, dairy products including cheese.  Yep, that one hurts.

IN MODERATION, YOU CAN HAVE:  Starches such as sweet potatoes.  (Note:  Sweet potatoes are OK if you are actively training.  I use them in a few recipes, but they are best consumed on a limited basis as a post-workout fuel)

So how much of each?

Simple.  The picture above depicts your one portion as about a quarter of the plate.  If you’re an average-sized person, fill your plate just as you see it in the picture, with a majority of the plate belonging to the vegetable group.  If you’re a big dude, you can add an additional portion of vegetables and proteins.  Here is the key point.  You must play with this formula!  Find what portions work for you! You do NOT want to be hungry after you eat.  If you’re hungry still, you need more.  If you need more food, have more vegetables and protein.  Try and stay away from too much more than one portion of fruits.  They can be high in sugar and we want that insulin under control.

So how often do I eat?

Even more simple, still.  Eat when you’re hungry.  You should NEVER be starving!  By eliminating wheat, grain and pastas, you will most likely be hungry sooner after a meal than usual.  So eat.  If you really need a guide, have a meal as depicted in the picture above for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In between meals, have a snack of one or two portions of your choice.

Where does all of this come from?

The philosophy that I use is basically the Paleolithic Lifestyle.  As explained in my article series, the Paleolithic Lifestyle (AKA “Caveman Diet”) is basically this…..You eat pure, natural food sources that would have been available to a caveman in his lifetime.  I sniped the following saying from Crossfit.com, but it is a great explanation of how to eat for health and performance and it basically explains the philosophy of eating clean:

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”

Boom.  There it is.  This is what it looks like:

Here's what you should eat. But how do I prepare this stuff? Read on!
Here’s what you should eat. But how do I prepare this stuff? Read on!


K, Thanks for the pics of RAW food.  But how do I prepare it?

That’s where the beauty of Grinds 4 Gamers comes into play.  I freaking LOVE to cook.  So I will be posting video recipes and written recipes for you to enjoy as time progresses.  When you are watching or reading through my recipes, try and get the hang of how I am preparing these meals.  I mean, what I’m using for cooking lube (oils), how long I cook them, substitutions for bad-for-you items and what combinations I put together.  This is where you will blossom as a cook yourself!  Get creative.  Most of my recipes are combinations of my favorite foods and plates I’ve had prepared for me, found on the internet or just experimented with!  Have fun with your health!

So how hard is this, really?

Think it’s tough?  I’m going to be honest.  Cutting out bread and pasta SUCKS.  But I promise you, commit to getting your carbohydrate needs from fruits and vegetables and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  That is the biggest change you will make.  Once you gut through it, you won’t miss it.  If you do, eat pasta and bread on your cheat day, then get back to eating clean.  I am dead serious.  Committing to this lifestyle will fuel your body, make you feel great, shred fat and lean you out…..the right way.  No more on/off diet roller coasters.  Let’s do this, gamers.  Max out your real-life character.  Grind your way to the top of the charts.  Min/Max your life.  Commit.


Kash, you’re effing crazy.  This is too hardcore. 

Ten four, Kash copies.  Do you want a more moderate approach or “baby steps” if you will?  I get it.  I, myself, didn’t start with this cold-turkey approach.  I had to work into it.  If you are strong of mind and willpower, I certainly recommend going primal right off the bat and tackling the Paleolithic lifestyle.  But alas, gamers, I also want you to be successful.  I’ve put together a guide for those who might find it impossible to cut bread and grains just because some health nut tells you so.  The Zone Diet is another excellent choice for eating clean, portioning correctly and keeping internal inflammation down.  Keep in mind, there are some small differences between the Zone and Paleolithic plans, but they are minimal.  For the most part, the portioning and food choices are very similar in both plans.  The Zone Diet, however, does allow for some grain and dairy consumption which may make it a more forgiving approach than cutting those choices out of your food intake all together.  Nevertheless, the Zone Diet plan is still extremely effective in that it trains you to portion the right foods per meal to keep your hormone response in check.  Click HERE to read more about the Zone Diet.


Kash, I need help!

Contact me.  I would love to help you succeed and become a lean, strong, healthy gamer.  Hit me here:


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