Casual Fitness Guide

The Casual’s Guide to Fitness

Congratulations!  You’re already starting off the G4G Fitness Program with some XP!  Keep in mind that if you’ve chosen the Casual Fitness Level, I’m going to expect a bit more out of you, gamers.  Granted I can’t physically be in your gym or your living room cracking the whip, but the workouts are definitely more challenging than the Noob Level workouts.  You will need a certain level of commitment and mental toughness to get through each day!  So let’s gut check ourselves and read the description below one more time, just to make sure we didn’t choose the wrong fork in the road when you left starter island.

CASUAL Fitness Level:  This level is for someone who may have an existing workout program, but doesn’t stick to it very well.  You may be a weekend athlete who plays on the company softball team or you may go for a run a couple of times per week.  You know what you should be doing for your fitness, but you haven’t truly committed yet.

We good?  Ok, now let’s go over some basic rules.  These apply to ALL fitness levels, so read on to take the next steps.

Strategy Guide: CASUAL Level Workouts

Daily Warm-up

10 minutes of dynamic stretching , then:

Run 200m
15 Squats
15 Sit-ups
15 Push-ups
Run 200m

Day 1

For Time:

21-15-9 Reps of each:
Dumbbell Thruster (light weight of your choice)
Jumping Pull-ups or Push-ups (push-ups if you don’t have access to a pull-up bar)

For this workout, start the timer and begin with 21 Dumbell Thrusters, then move into 21 Jumping Pull-ups.  Then go back to 15 Dumbell Thrusters and 15 Jumping Pull-ups.  Finish off with 9 of each movement.


Run 200m x 2

 Day 2

Daily Warm-up

5 Rounds of:
5 Push Press (weight of your choice)
10 Box Steps (12-20″ height, bench works great)
15 Squats

Day 3

Daily Warm-up

For Time:

Run 1 mile
20 Squats
20 Sit-ups
20 push-ups
Run 1 mile

Day 4

Active Rest Day (Daily warm-up, run, bike, swim or stretch)

Day 5

Daily Warm-up

EMOTM for 15 minutes:

3 Burpees
6 Mountain Climbers
Rest 5 minutes, then:

Tabata Squats (Remember Tabatas are 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeat for 8 rounds.  Score your lowest set of squats, no sandbagging!)

Day 6

Daily Warm-up

AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in 15 minutes of:
6 Walking Lunges (no weight)
12 Knees-to-Chin
24 Jump Ropes (If you don’t have a jump rope, do standing hops)

Plank Holds 3 x 30 seconds each

Day 7
Full Rest Day (Stretch only if desired)

Sooooooo, how was your week? Is the Casual Fitness Level right for your particular fitness level?  If you’re in the right place, get ready for Week 2.

Casual Level Workouts (Week 1-4) DOWNLOAD PDF

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