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Published on April 22nd, 2014 | by Grinds4Gamers


G4G: Episode 4

Ok, as promised, here is the first official cheat meal for Grinds 4 Gamers.  In video format, even.  I prepared this recipe for my girls on Valentine’s Day and they LOVED it.  Be prepared, it will induce FOOD COMA MODE.

Disclaimer:  This meal is NOT good for  you.  As much as we preach eating clean at G4G, you gotta live a little, hence our section on cheat meals.  Remember, don’t eat this way unless you’re actually living the Paleo lifestyle and on a solid footing with your progress.  If you just started eating clean, give your body a good two months before you make a recipe like this one.  At G4G we’re promoting a clean, lean, strong lifestyle, and this recipe certainly doesn’t support that philosophy if you eat this way day in and day out.  So if you venture into this recipe, GET BACK ON THE WAGON ASAP!

Here are the written recipes:

Mini Pesto Calzones

Alfredo Chicken Pasta

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