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Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by Grinds4Gamers


G4G 60-Day Challenge!

The first ever Grinds 4 Gamers 60-Day has come to a close! I am very happy to report to our readers that the challenge was a resounding success! If you’ve been around G4G for any amount of time, you know my goal:  To break the stigma that the world has given gamers as “overweight and unhealthy”.  You don’t have to be! Being a healthy gamer is completely attainable and the competitors for the inaugural 60-Day Challenge have proven it!

For the last two months, twenty-five competitors made a commitment to challenge the way they thought about how they’ve been taught to eat.  With open minds and hearts, they cleaned out their food inventories and restocked their fridges with fresh, healthy foods.  I was astounded to see that after just two months, our Grinders lost a total of 229 lbs of fat!  On top of the outstanding weight loss, we’ve made some incredible gains in educating gamers and their families on the right foods to consume for optimal health.

Over the course of the competition, we covered the following concepts for our competitors:

These more formal topics were just the tip of the iceberg!  Our support group at the G4G Community answered questions about numerous topics in the health and fitness field! One of the most fulfilling things for the G4G team to see was competitors helping competitors!  Numerous posts about how to prepare meals, good recipe resources, fitness links and too many words of encouragement to accurately count!  Although these competitors lost weight, they gained friendship!  As a matter of fact, the first official 60-Challenge Meet-Up has already happened in San Diego, CA!  What an amazing thing for our team to witness.


Of course, optimal health, weight loss, increased flexibility, strength and agility weren’t the only gifts to be gained in this competition!  There were prizes!  Actual, tangible goodies for gamers!  Here’s the swag we dealt out, as chosen by our competitors!

FIRST PLACE:  An XBox One System
SECOND PLACE: $70 Gift Card (winner’s choice)
THIRD PLACE:  Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse
FOURTH PLACE:  Razer Megalodon Gaming Headset
FIFTH PLACE: $50 Gift Card (winner’s choice)

Here is the criteria that the G4G Team used to figure out the winners of the competition. 

• Overall weight loss and/or muscle gain (judged by weight and photos)

• Differences between before and after photos.

• Compliance with contest rules.

• Accuracy in journaling on the G4G Community Forums.

Making big changes in your lifestyle is very difficult. But these competitors are champions and they made some serious head way in forging a healthier lifestyle!


1ST PLACE: TheHastyTadpole. This dude absolutely killed it. With a total combined weight loss of 32.2 lbs, he has truly adopted this lifestyle. Hasty was incredibly involved in the challenge, so much so, he actively participated while on a long road trip across the United States! That was a feat in itself. The judges were all on the same page here, Hasty. You clearly deserve the Grand Prize. Congratulations, my friend.

2nd PLACE: Arquen. Gamewiz’s wife was all over this challenge. With a total of nearly 10lbs weight loss and 3” off of her waistline, the pictures are stunning. She lost fat and gained muscle definition in her belly! Not to mention the fact that she was certainly the most social Paleo Butterfly in the challenge. Her words of encouragement to the other competitors on a daily basis was commendable. Congratulations, Jen.

3rd PLACE: Aurelius. This gentleman shredded off nearly 25 lbs of fat and dove head first into the challenge. So much so, he was posting videos of his workouts (that made me gleam with pride, by the way). Photos of his great meals and making course corrections along the way led to some astounding before and after photos. The proof is in the waistline-5” loss! Congratulations, Aurelius!

4th PLACE: Daegory. At 23lbs of weight loss and 4’ off of his waistline, Daegory made some drastic changes. His meals were always spot-on and his enthusiasm helped to fuel the group! Congratulations, Daegory!

5th PLACE: Kelly. Our Facebook Queen! Like Arquen, she took to the social media like crazy and I think she even recruited some folks to learn about eating clean! Her support of others on the forums made it very clear that she needed to be on the podium. Lest we forget her results! Although her weight fluctuated through the event, she ended up with 10lbs lost and the inches lost was drastic! As stated before, the proof is absolutely in the waistline! Congratulations, Kelly!


So where do we go from here? As a man, I have been humbled by the participation and the results of these outstanding gamers. This was a bit of a test for me as to whether or not Grinds 4 Gamers would continue to live. You can probably guess that it will definitely continue. The most important step is to realize that eating right is a choice.  It’s NOT a diet.  It’s a lifestyle. These competitors have trained their minds and bodies to consume the fuels that will optimize their body’s function.  Fresh, natural foods, consistency and commitment are the key.  YOU can also make a transformation in your life.  There are many ways.  If you’re interested, hit us up at Grinds 4 Gamers.  We’re here to help.

TO OUR COMPETITORS:  I am so immensely proud of all of you. If I could give you all first place prizes, I certainly would have. You’ve all done so well and please understand that the hardest part was having to make a decision on these places despite the fact that every one of you made huge leaps toward a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Take the knowledge you’ve gained and use it. Spread it, like wildfire! In my book, you’re ALL BADASSES and I’d follow you anywhere.

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