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Chicken Chile Verde

Chicken Chili Verde

So I was at work and the boys mentioned something about a chicken soup dish for dinner.  So I decided to take it one step further and put a touch of Mexico into the mix.  I’ve always been a fan of Mexican dishes and specifically, verde (green) dishes.  What makes them green?  Well, greens.  But more specifically, green tomatoes, or “tomatillos”.  So this recipe comes at you in two parts:  Tomatillo Verde Sauce that can be used in many dishes.  You can use it as a salsa or a topping for meats and vegetables.  But in this recipe, you’re going to use it to slow cook chicken all day long.  That’s the second part of the recipe.  The meat and the additional veggies.  Confused?  It’s actually an “easy mode” recipe.  Let’s Grind!


Tomatillo Verde Sauce Ingredients:

8-10 Tomatillos
½ Bushel of chopped Cilantro
½ Chopped White Onion
1 Chopped Jalepeno
1 Chopped, Roasted Red Pepper
1 Chopped Garlic clove
Juice from 1 lime
Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Chicken Chili Ingredients:

1 Chopped Red Bell Pepper
3 Chicken Breasts (cut into chunks)
½ Chopped White Onion
2 Chopped Pasilla peppers
1 small box of Mushrooms (quartered)
3 Zucchini (cut into bite-sized pieces)
2 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Chopped Garlic clove
1 tbsp Cumin
1 tbsp Chili Powder
½ tbsp black pepper


Tomatillo Verde Sauce:

Peel the skins off of the tomatillos and twist the stems off.  The skins are a paper-like consistency and very easy to peel off.  Then place them in warm water and wash the sticky residue off of them.  Once they are clean,

place them into a pot of boiling water.  They are done when the color changes from bright green to a pale green.  Keep an eye near the stems, as this part cooks last.  That is the part you want to be pale green.  If you cook 

any longer than needed, they will start popping in the water and you’ll lose the innards, so be careful!  Once they are done cooking, place them into a colander to drain the water, then put the cooked tomatillos into a 

blender.  Place the cilantro, onion, jalepeno, garlic and lime juice into the blender.


PRO-TIP:  Roasting your red bell pepper:  Wash the bell pepper and peel off the nagging sticker.  Place the pepper over direct flame on the stove and cook until all sides are blackened.  It’ll pop and crackle so don’t freak out.  You just want to avoid having the black turn to white.  That would indicate that you successfully melted the pepper’s face off.  Once the pepper is blackened, allow it to cool.  Once cooled, put the pepper under cold water and rub off the skin to the slimy under coat.  Once the blackened skin is peeled off, cut the stem out of the pepper.  The same technique can be used in an oven if you have an electric stove.  Just roast it at 400F until the skin darkens, then turn it over.  When the skin is darkened, pull them out and let it cool, peel and cut the stem out as described above.

Once the peppers are roasted, peeled and the stems are cut out, place it into the blender with the other ingredients.  Blend it until the consistency becomes smooth, salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken Chili Verde:

Get out your slow cooker and set it to high.  No slow cooker?  No problem.  Get a large pot and place it on the stove on the lowest setting.  Pour in the chicken broth, onions, garlic, cumin, chili powder and black pepper.  Mix the ingredients, then drop in the chicken chunks.  Then take 3-4 cups of your fresh-made Tomatillo Verde Sauce and mix it with the other ingredients.  This is the base for your soup!  Let it slow cook for about 6 hours, stirring every hour.

Once the base has cooked down and you’re about an hour from eating, mix in your chopped vegetables (red bell pepper, pasilla peppers, mushrooms and zucchini).  Let them cook down for about an hour, mix well and add sea salt and pepper to taste.  When the soup is to your liking, bowl it up!  Garnish with a pinch of cilantro and a few jalepeno rings to spice it up.

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